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Back from Romania!! May 13, 2007

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First of I got to say, Vlad and Cornel, you guys ROCK!!!!
My trip to Romania started on the 8Th of may with a train-ride from Örebro to Arlanda Airport, and since it SJ we are talking about it was delayed with about 30 min. But what can you do. I arrived at the airport in good time to check in and relax a bit before boarding time. The first flight of the day took me down to Milan, where I had to wait for about 4 hours before heading with my next flight to Bucharest. I arrived there about midnight, but the trip was far from over yet. When I got to the airport in Bucharest I was picked up by Marius. Now we just had a short 6 hour car-trip in front of us *he-he*, but it went really well.

Arriving at the hotel in Suceava at about 06.30 on the 9th. There I met Vlad who is organizing the party. After a couple of hours sleep I met up with Vlad again for some lunch. On our way over to the restaurant Vlad told me that he had arranged for a radio-interview with the local radio-station, that was the first surprise of the day. The interview went pretty good for being my first time. Then it was time to check out Suceava, and in the town-square the celebration of Ziua Europei had already begun. Me and Vlad stayed for a while before heading up the main-street
and stopping at a bar/cafe for drinks :). Back at the hotel about an hour later it was time to get some well deserved rest.

Vlad met me in the lobby at 20.00 and we went down to check out the club. At that time there was a lot of people that had come to enjoy the concert that was held in the square, even though the weather was a bit rainy. After a while we were let into the club. A really nicely designed club, with a modern touch!! I was shown around in the club and checked out the equipment, looked NICE!! After about 45min downstairs Vlad told me that his father, who was organizing the celebration in the square that night, that he wanted to introduce me in front of the “whole” town, that was a bit nervous *he-he*. As I was standing backstage with Vlad I got a chance to say hello to the mayor of Suceava. Then after the whole squareadventure it was time to head back down to the club and start the night. Dj Cornel was supposed to do the warm up, but about 10min in to his set they the decided to put me behind the decks earlier then planned. Then about after 1 hour we (me and Dj Cornel) changed places so that he would get some time to play as well. During my “break” I was interview by a Romanian TV-station, that was another first for me 🙂 Rest of the night went really well and the crowd was super-nice!! After the party we all headed out for dinner and since I don’t understand a word of romanian Vlad’s dad ordered my food for me *hehe* and I still don’t know what I had to eat that night.

Thursday was travel-day once again. Back to Bucharest by train this time, and after some dinner it was time to head out to the airport and fly to Milan once again and then back to Stockholm and finally a “short” train-ride home to Örebro.

Mix from the night at Club Arena:
DOWNLOAD HERE!!!  Tracklist coming soon. 🙂
(My mp3player was acting up at a couple of places in the mix, but most of it sounds good)



1. Kæn Kejbel - May 13, 2007

Looks like you kicked some b00ty in Draculand!

2. agemo - May 14, 2007

Nice adventure-of-the-many-“firsts” man ;D Good for you!

3. Whitewood - January 9, 2008

That was some adventure…

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