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Welcome to the world my son!! June 21, 2007

Posted by fredacler in Blogroll, Life, Music.

Finally!! After about 40+ weeks of waiting, me and my wife had our first child last night. The little guy “arrived” to the world at 01.19 am on the 21st of june. My wife went through 12 hours of hard labour, I’m SO proud of her!!! He will be named Felix, and he is by far the most beautiful child I have ever seen *hihi*. Now we have a new litte fellow to introduce to the lovely world of electronic dancemusic 😉

Here is a picture of our miracle!!
My son Felix!!



1. Anders Abrahamsson - June 23, 2007


In the name of Felix (meaning “happy”), I dedicated my summer promo mix to your beautiful new son!

Yes, happy summer tunes, and now some screaming sound effects to enlarge your home to expect :).

I am so happy for you! (and I know the feeeeling…we got our kid six months ago…prepare for a wonderful time ahead! – and envision 2027 – Felix and Nadine B2B, twice, at each other’s 20 years parties 🙂 ???).


2. DJ Anders | Joy of Life EDM - June 23, 2007

PuLSating Beats #3 – 2007 | Warm Summer Spirit

So it is time again for another promo mix. This time I got inspired by all the summerish tunes and decided to draw them together to tell a story filled with warmth and alot of summer spirit :). Progressive and

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