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So, who is Fred Acler? Well my real name is Fredrik Åkerstrand. I live in Örebro, Sweden.
I have listenend to and enjoyed electronic dancemusic ever since I got my first Techno Traxx cd for birthday in the early 90’s.
Back then I listened a lot to the sounds of Moby and Capella, but my big step into trance was when I heard Tiësto’s Sparkles, on In Search Of Sunrise and from that moment on there’s no turning back.

I got in on dj’ing when a friend of mine bought some equipment a couple of years ago, and since then I’m hooked, but since I didn’t have any equipment of my own I didn’t get to practice as much as I wanted. So in the spring of 2004 I bought my own setup, and now I spend many hours behind the decks. 🙂


1. Elliz - January 12, 2007

Hej hej!
Kikade in å säger hej! =)
Fin sida =)

2. bibomedia - March 4, 2008


3. Erland M - July 2, 2008

Varmt välkommen till Pompom 12 juli!
Har du frågor angående spelningen kan du gärna maila.

Hörs/ses snart!

/Erland – pompomarrangör

4. djactiv8 - August 17, 2008

Hey Fred,

just found your blog tonight. I remember you from the Tranceaddict DJ Promotion Forum. 🙂

Greets from Germany,


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