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All my mixes and mash up’s can be found @ FredAcler.com

Just head over and download your favourite mix or mash ;):D


1. Joakim Sande - March 2, 2008

Hey Fred! Sköna mixar som alltid mannen! 🙂
Keep it up!


2. mirjam - June 9, 2008

Nu har jag hittat hit!! Mycket bra!! Afterwork 27/6!
Kram Mirjam

3. Yuriy Shyyan - January 12, 2009

Hi Fred, I have been a fan of yours for a while now, while not the OMG!!! kind, but the music mix madness kind. I have been hooked on Chrystal Lounge 13 in particular for like a year and a half now. Just wanted to comment and say, your mixes kept my birthday party bumpin till the cops showed up : / Son of a!!! : )

Was going to decide and download all the Chrystal Lounges : ( but you only have 22 23 24 up and running, tried looking for torrents, or anything : ( nada. How can I get my hands on all the mixes once again?

ps. Wasn’t bored enough to skim through to see your first made track, what did you use? Ableton or Cuebass? Plz dont say Reason or I vomit lol… anyways holler back, the e-mail is attached if u perhaps want to chat – if ofcourse you are bored enough : )


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